Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is an Arab emirate. Surrounded by water on three sides, Qatar is a peninsula in the Arabian Gulf with its only land border existing at the southern end where Qatar meets Saudi Arabia. The entire county is approximately 240 kilometres from north to south, and less than 160 kilometres wide.

In the Islamic era, Qatar was one of the earliest locales occupied by the Muslims. Qarmatians arrived in the area very early during the Islamic era and spread their influence widely, as they did in the neighbouring Hasa region. In medieval times, Qatar was more often than not independent and a participant in the great Persian Gulf-Indian Ocean commerce. Many races and ideas were introduced into the peninsula from Africa, South and Southeast Asia, as well as the Malay archipelago. Today, the traces of these early interactions with the oceanic world of the Indian Ocean survive in the small minorities of races, peoples, languages and religions, such as the presence of Africans and Shihus.

Qatar has a rich and vibrant history – a history that can be traced back as far as 4000 BC. Throughout the centuries, the fishing and pearling trades have established Qatar as an important port in the Gulf. With the expansion and growth of its oil and gas industry, the port and the country maintain their international importance.

The Al-Thani family began its rule of Qatar in the 18th century and still today you can see the positive influences this family has on the growth and development of Qatar. When the present Emir, His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, came to power in 1995, he brought a modern and positive approach that transformed the country into an ideal host for major sporting events and international conferences, as well as a luxurious tourist destination The best time to visit is November or late February to early March. During these times the weather is much milder, with pleasant, even chilly evenings and the odd rainy day

Qatar enjoys sunshine just about everyday of the year. The average temperatures during the summer range from 38°C to 42°C during the day and 18°C at night, while winter temperatures are 34°C during the day and 10°C at night. Swimming in the Arabian Gulf or in the many hotel pools, water sports, desert and city tours, shopping – a perfect location for visitors to soak up the sunshine. Once the sun sets, go star-gazing in the clear night sky, enjoy a moonlight stroll along the Corniche, or view the skyline from Doha Bay on a traditional dhow. This clean and pristine environment offers visitors ideal conditions to completely unwind and enjoy their time in Qatar

Qatar also has its own national carrier, Qatar Airways. If you fly either of these airlines you can get to Doha from anywhere in the Gulf, most of Asia, as well as from Europe and a number of cities in India and Pakistan.

Few destinations can compete with the unique hospitality that awaits visitors to Qatar. Plush, upmarket hotels combine impeccable and discreet service with wonderful restaurants and fantastic leisure facilities. In fact, many of Qatar’s hotels have so much to offer guests that they are almost resorts in their own right. Many properties have luxurious spas as well as wonderful pools and sports facilities, such as water-skiing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, and snorkeling. More properties are currently under construction, ensuring future visitors to Qatar have an even wider choice of places to stay.

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