(3 days & 2 nights city package)

Passion and pride run as deep as the waters around this stylish, bilingual island city. Dubbed one of the world’s most livable cities, Montréal’s charm lies in its relaxed atmosphere rather than its star attractions, and a quiet amble can be as memorable as a visit to the sights. the city is named for park-covered Mont-Royal, a striking 232m (760ft) geological structure – often mistaken for an extinct volcano – which towers over the city’s central neighborhoods.

The cobblestone streets of Montréal’s old precinct are lined with stone houses, Paris-like cafe’s, and architectural beauties like the 18th century Pointe à Callière (Museum of archeology & history). The city’s downtown boasts a trove of churches and some fine museums focusing on Amerindian art, history, and architecture.

  • Your Package Includes:
    • Accommodation at your selected hotel.
    • Provincial and local taxes.
    • Montréal City Tour
      — Discover the Joie de Vivre that makes Montréal a delightful city you will love to visit.
      Tour includes the Mont-Royal Lookout, old port of Montréal, Beaver Lake, Place Jacques Cartier, Chinatown, Notre Dame Basilica, and Place des Arts. Also visit the Musée des Beaux Arts, which over the past 140 years has assembled one of North America’s finest encyclopedic collections, totalling over 30,000 objects. The most prominent collections include: Canadian art, Contemporary art, Inuit and Amerindian art.
    • Montréal City Passport
      — City Passports are both your guide and passport to enjoy each city at its very best, all at terrific savings. These books provide you with savings up to 50% off at over 50 top attractions, museums, sightseeing tours, restaurants, adventure activities, comedy shows, live theatre and much more.

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